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Handling Holiday Temptations…
Your Seasonal Survival Guide

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How to handle the temptation of the decadent food during the holidays

How to handle the temptation of food-focused activities around the holidays

How to handle the stress (and stress eating) that can accompany the holidays

The average person gains between 9 and 16 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Not only does that not have to be you, but you can lose weight during the holidays!

We will have two guests with us that are experts at losing over the holidays!! Come hang out with Tiffany Tippett, Karrah Foster Freda and me, Donna Krech! You’ll LOVE what you’re going to learn!!

And, were even going to talk about a stress reduction experience you can use, that will help reset your hypothalamus (which allows you to lose weight easier) that is such a simple and enjoyable activity… you’re going to want to tell everybody you know about it!

You’ll discover:

Amazing holiday recipes to enjoy during the holidays

A secret sauce way to enjoy 'Holiday Happy Hours'

What to do before you go to an event so you can effortlessly enjoy the event and stick to your plan

What to do while you're at the event to enjoy it more than ever before

How to sail through the holidays and still lose weight

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